The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting

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  • Dust and sand storms

 Current Projects

Ecological Conservation in Northwest China

      Brief Project Description

      the northwestern area of China has been experiencing rapid desertification in recent years as a result of over-grazing, water shortages, etc. The much attention is paid to frequent dust and sandstorms which has become exacerbated by droughts and land degradation in Northeast Asia including Northwest China. The project objective is to take joint action to deal with such situations.


      The first expert workshop on ecological conservation in northwest China was held in Beijing in.....more

      Implementing Agencies
      - China : Zhu Liucai
      SEPA. FECO
      Tel : 86-10-66153366
      Fax : 86-10-66151776

      - Korea : Mr. Suh, Min Hwan
      National Institute of Environmental Research(NIER)
      Tel : 82-32-560-7403
      Fax : 82-32-560-7085

      - Japan : Ms. Masako Ogawa
      Ministry of Environment
      Tel : 81-3-5521-8248
      Fax : 81-3-3581-3423