The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting

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  • Dust and sand storms

 Current Projects

TEMM Website Projects

      Brief Project Description
      The National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) of Korea has a central role in creating the official TEMM website ( with the Japanese and Chinese focal points in order to disseminate the results of Tripartite Environment Ministers Meetings.
      The site provides information including TEMM Joint Communiqués and other documents, and .....more
      Implementing Agencies
      - China : Ms. An Tong
      Information Center, SEPA
      Tel : 86-10-64966356
      Fax : 86-10-64930849

      - Korea : Mr. Kim Dong-Gu
      National Institute of Environmental Research(NIER)
      Tel : 82-32-560-7700
      Fax : 82-32-568-2036

      - Japan : Mr. Kunihiko Shirai
      Environmental Information Center, NIES
      Tel : 81-298-50-2342
      Fax : 81-298-50-2566