The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting

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    The 13th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting(TEMM13)
    The 13th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting among Korea, China and Japan (TEMM13) is to be held on 28 (THU) -29 (FRI) April, 2011 in BEXCO, Busan, Republic of Korea with a view to enhancing environmental cooperation in Northeast Asia (NEA). Since the 1st TEMM in Seoul in 1999, the three countries have held TEMM every year in rotation and, most recently, TEMM12 was held in May, 2010 in Hokkaido, Japan.

    At TEMM13 this year, the participants will discuss, as the major agendas, Dust and Sandstorms (DSS), climate change, biodiversity, transboundary movement of hazardous waste and other regional environmental issues in NEA and cooperative measures for the enhancement of environmental cooperation. Besides, Korea's bid to host the 18th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP18), Four Major Rivers Restoration Project and joint cooperative measures upon the occurrence of disasters, a new agenda specially adopted as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami in the Northeastern part of Japan, will be contained in Joint Communique to be adopted on 29 April, 2011.

    Particularly a Special session of "Students and Business Forums" is organized in this meeting, where student and business representatives will report directly to the three Ministers their opinions regarding environmental preservation and revitalization of environmental industry. TEMM13 is expected to serve as a venue for cooperation, contributing to improving a sense of environmental community and suggesting vision among the three countries.

    1. Outline
    ・ Time : 28-29 April, 2011 ; Working-level meeting on 27 April
    ・ Venue : BEXCO, Busan
    ・ Host : The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea
    ・ Participants : Environment Ministers from Korea, China and Japan, Director-Generals, Directors, staff, student and business representatives (about 100 persons)

    2. Program (draft)
    ・ Bilateral meeting (17:10<19:30, 28 April, KR-CH/ KR-JP/ CH-JP)
    ・ Session 1 : Opening remarks including introduction of environmental policies and discussion (by the three Ministers)
    ・ Session 2 : Presentation on major policies to address global and regional environmental issues and discussion (by the three Ministers)
    ・ Session 3 : Assessment of the Joint Action Plan for TEMM cooperative projects (by the Korean Director-General)
    ・ Special Session : Report on the result of Students and Business Forums (by students and business representatives)

    3. Extra
    ・ Please refer to the attached for more detailed programs
    ・ Students and the general public are allowed to attend the Students and Business Forums. Upon our receiving the registration form attached, a confirmation e-mail will be sent (maximum 30 persons)

    4. Contact information : International Affairs Division, Ministry of Environment
    ・ TEMM13 in general :
    Mr. Bong-woo Shin, Deputy Director (+82-2-2110-6548)
    ・ Students & Business Forums :
    Mr. Yun-seok Choi, Senior Program Officer (+82-2-2110-6549)

    Attachment :
    1. Detailed Program for TEMM13 (Draft).
    2. Audience Registration Form.
    3. History of TEMM.