The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting

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  • Dust and sand storms


Recently, damage caused by DSS is ever increasing. Against this backdrop, Korea has been claiming that Korea, China and Japan should work together to address DSS as a regional environmental concern at a variety of meetings including summit meetings, environmental ministerial meetings and environmental cooperation channel. Finally, the three countries agreed to develop a common countermeasures against DSS in Northeast Asia at the 8th Tripartite Environmental Ministers Meeting (TEMM 8) held in December 2006 in Beijing, China and at the 7th summit meeting among the three countries, reaching a consensus about DSS.

Accordingly, two rounds of ministerial meetings on DSS decided to create Joint Research Group on DSS among Korea, Japan and China . And the joint research on DSS was launched thanks to the approval of the 9th Tripartite Environmental Ministers Meeting (TEMM 9) held in Toyama, Japan in December 2007.

As a result, Seoul hosted 2008 Joint Research Group on DSS among Korea, Japan and China Meeting in July 2008 where environmental experts and government officials of the three countries first meet to develop apecific plans and discussed the measures to implement them.

DSS in Northeast Asia requires countries in the region to pull their efforts to develop systematic and common countermeasures. That is because scientific approach about creation and development of DDS, accurate monitoring and forestation at the site is essential to build a fundamental solution to the problems. For that, cooperation among the countries is a necessity.

The results of joint research are expected to play a pivotal role to build an effective and practical cooperative structure among the three countries about DSS.